CIBA Consulting Pakistan (Pvt) Limited was formed in 2014 by visionaries who wanted to do something for the youth of Pakistan and in doing so to contribute towards the betterment of the Nation. CIBA thought the best way to serve this cause would be to provide value and skill-based education that is deemed number one across the world. CIBA Consulting Pakistan (Pvt) Limited became an SAP partner for SAP Learning Hub - Student Edition (for Pakistan and Afghanistan) in 2015, since then it has given Trainings, Certifications and SAP Awareness/Educational Seminars across Pakistan. CIBA has won various awards (during the mentioned course) not only from Top Offices of the Government of Pakistan but from SAP as well.

Who We Are!

CIBA CONSULTING through its unique and practical approach, has managed to achieve unprecedented results in both quantity and quality. Orientation lectures from CIBA officials attracted attention of many senior decision makers in the public sector.

Similarly, in the private sector, CIBA arranged orientation sessions at a number of Private Universities, stock exchanges and trade associations to create awareness about SAP and its products.

Our relentless efforts and campaigns regarding the benefits and utility of SAP products created ripples across the board (CIBA has conducted over 300 seminars across Pakistan on SAP awareness).


We strive to be the best innovators; to be at the forefront of new technology; and to deliver tech-based services and products at a whole new standard. Our goal is to create solutions that are excellent, cutting-edge, and inventive. While doing this, it is our explicit goal to push the boundaries of technology and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients that not only meet their business needs but also present them with new prospects.


We engage with and research current brands and multinationals as part of our ongoing quest for innovation in order to come up with ideas for how to make them better. We inform potential customers and show them how cutting-edge technology can open up new business opportunities for them. Additionally, we create the road to digital success for every brand we work with with a pleasant aggressive strategy that emphasises our position as the industry's top innovators.

Our Brand Values

The following qualities must be present in our brand persona and be fueled by our internal equity for us to be considered true innovators:


Our genes are wired for innovation. Humans were created with the capacity to think, create, and invent.


Everything in this world that we see now was once just a concept. We therefore consider possibilities and work to make them a reality.


We always act with integrity and loyalty toward both ourselves and our clients. Honesty is the foundation of honour and keeps us grounded in our goals.


We communicate honestly and mean what we say. We abide by the promises we make to our clients.


We do better as a team than we do as an individual team because of our strong collaborative output.


Every setback creates fresh possibilities. No matter what challenges we encounter, we always believe there is a solution.