SAP, a German Multinational Corporation, known for making SYSTEMS, APPLICATIONS and PRODUCTS in Data Processing was created in 1972 by IBM engineers. Since then, it has gone on to become the leading ERP software provider across the globe. View More

The advancements in digital technology has made it easier to set up a business, which is good news, but this also means that there is more competition than ever. To stay ahead of the that and to keep up with the latest technological advancements, an increasing number of businesses such as Apple, NBA and BMW use SAP as their core IT infrastructure.

SAP's proven success in helping clients and partners to maintain a competitive edge by improving productivity, decision-making, and reducing costs whist running simple has gained it a 65% share of the ERP market today.

The widespread use of SAP around the world has made it a prestigious and valuable Certification that gives Value Added edge to employees, graduate students and corporate professionals.



We foresee a different Pakistan. A Pakistan which is in line with Modern Technology, a Pakistan that is diverse; advanced; and a highly developed region. Inshallah.


To transform the phenomenally talented youth that is a vast majority in our population, into a potent force equipped with latest technology and its comprehension, through SAP Training & Certification, so that their magnificent expertise could be utilized & felt in every industry on a global scale.


We are authorized SAP partners in Pakistan and Afghanistan and provide highly rewarding SAP certifications and cutting edge industry solutions. At CIBA we nurture talent and create brains that shapes communities all around the world. Our state of the art teaching methodology provides solutions to society's challenges, our trained individuals leave ready for the workplace. We have some of the best, experienced and highly qualified individuals in our team with long track record of providing ICT solutions to industry.


SAP Education offers comprehensive and broad training options that ensure that individuals can fully grasp the SAP. The SAP Learning Hub, which was developed by SAP Education, has been distinguished as a state-of-the-art learning system. That ensures improved productivity, reduced costs, efficiency and accuracy for organizations. SAP Education was the 2014 winner of the annual Technology Services Industry Association STAR Award for Innovation in Enabling Customer Success and Education Services.

Student Edition

SAP Learning Hub Student Edition is a portal that provides instant online access to up-to-date training materials targeted at their needs. View More

Professional Edition

SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition, has a well grounded command over the Cloud, further perfected by making available user-based packages. View More

User Edition

The User Edition of SAP Learning Hub helps users in all stages of the software lifecycle and is particularly helpful for individuals and organizations with large number of users. View More



Offers a complete arrangement from training certification to job placement, in companies across the globe, as well as easy hiring for on looking human resource managers


Our expertise in advanced project planning and development assure stellar results and cost effectiveness like more other in the market.


Fortifying productivity of the servers to optimum. We proudly also offer the implementation and configuration of SAP.


Our company strives to deliever and be a model of excellence in the ever growing technologically integrated academic industry. Meet our remarkable leadership which generates the perfomance enthusiasm and creativity in our team


"To accelerate company's standing and recognition globally. CIBA Consulting Pakistan being SAP Partner, to be the company that best understands the technological gap between the industries and certified professionals and tries to fill it up by producing and providing quality SAP consultants."

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We are committed to mobilize CIBA's intellectual, human and financial resources to fully realize our mission of ensuring widespread education of SAP in Pakistan and Afghanistan. "We are here to serve you, feel free to connect with us".

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